Try the Library

Mrs. Brown, our librarian, has created collections of books in the online library catalog for kids to browse all year long.

Ask your child to help you look through the school library catalog (they need their school ID number to log in).


Want more? Try VA Reads, whose mission is to provide educators and parents with an annual list of quality, diverse children's books so that children may experience "windows, mirrors, and sliding glass doors." You can also email Mrs. Brown for suggestions.


Helping your beginning reader at home? Try the Pioneer Valley Beginning Readers for their modern, deliberately diverse and inclusive illustrations. Use your student's Google credentials to log in. Contact Ms. Stephens, MWES Literacy Leader, with questions about access.


In recent years the #OwnVoices movement has grown (authors from an under-represented group writing about that group from their own perspective): to learn more, try searching Google for "ownvoices Latinx authors" or "ownvoices Hispanic authors." Email with book suggestions.

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Sylvia Mendez

From the Los Angeles Times: The Mendez family won the landmark Orange County case, “Mendez, et al vs. Westminster School District of Orange County, et al,” which laid the groundwork for school desegregation throughout California — and eventually the nation — decades before the civil rights movement captured the country’s attention.

15 Influential Hispanic Americans Who Made History

From  There isn’t an industry in which Hispanic Americans haven’t made their mark in history, with some of the most iconic politicians, singers, actors, athletes and more coming from Hispanic descent. We're celebrating 15 of the most notable Hispanic Americans whose influence has touched everything from pop culture to politics.

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